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Okay, so back to our regular scheduled Tuesday posts!

Two Saturdays ago I got to participate in Art SLAM!, an event that my business mentor, Tony Snipes of Art Lessons From God dreamed up and was able to make happen here in Greenville, SC. It was a great opportunity to break me of my fear of messing up while painting, because you don’t have time to worry about it there. You have 2 hours to do a painting based on a theme they give you right on the spot.

This is really good for a guy like me, because I usually slave over minute details and freak out because I can’t control every movement of the paint. But something broke that Saturday. Time to take that and run with it. Check out the pics after the break! Read the rest of this post »


Changes on the horizon

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Hi folks,

I hope you’re having a good weekend. This week was a busy week, and I owe you some artwork. Also, during my blog silence, there has been some further progress on the comic that may bring about some changes. Many of you may know that I intended to call it “The Crusader”. This summer, concern of the name was brought up was in conversation with some friends of mine. At that time said that I might have to have a different name for the comic book outside of the US. The conversation always rang in my head and the concern has never left. Read the rest of this post »


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Hey folks,

As promised, I have another piece for you to check out. This was done some time ago, but I am interested in knowing what you think of the design. I present to you the ASA: Advanced Stealth Automaton (or just Ninjabot, whichever you prefer).

Art Specs:
Pencil on Sketch Paper, then Ink on Marker Paper
Approx. 7in. x 7in.

ASA: Advanced Stealth Automaton

My Influences

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The Batman

Remember Batman the Animated Series?

This past week’s Brotherhood of Comic Artists challenge was on the character that most influenced you and inspired you to draw. For me, Ninja Turtles started me off, but Batman is my favorite character. The interesting thing about this piece is that I was able to do a painting that had the things that I felt the Star Wars piece lacked in a fraction of the time. This painting feels like it has more life to me. It’s more towards what I want my pieces to look like.

This was obviously a quickie, and I plan to add another light source as well as more color in a future version.
Click on the thumbnail above to see the full size image and let me know what you think.

Art Specs:
All digital
Photoshop CS4
Wacom Intuos 2
1275 x 1650 @ 150dpi

Star Wars Challenge

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So, I’m a part of a group of people that meet every first Thursday of the month called “A Brotherhood of Comic Artists”. Great group of folks that help encourage each other to pursue their dreams, as well as exchange knowledge. The founder of the group, Mel Rivera, does a weekly challenge that he posts up on the Facebook page for the group. I had not done any challenges up until this point because I wanted to spend time that I would have on that on my comic book and working on the paintings in my garage that I owe a friend of mine.

Well, this week’s challenge from Star Wars, and for me there just isn’t any turning that down. So without further adieu, here is my entry. Not as lively as I would want it, but I think it still turned out pretty well. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Inspired by Knights of the Old Republic and The Force Unleashed

Sketching in a meeting

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Just messing around with a gel pen during a meeting at work. Would love to get even more practice in today!

Sneak peek at the first issue

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So, first off, I apologize that I haven’t posted in two weeks. However, a lot of action has been happening in the mean time and I have some great news.

First: I got a new (used) car! Previously, my wife and I were making it off of one car and two very different work schedules. This was taxing to my energy as I would lose sleep during the week and on the weekends with having to take her to work and pick her up. Now I have more time to create so you can rest assured there will be more content here.

Secondly: I have been passing the outline for the first issue around and have been getting some great feedback. Guess what? Now it’s your turn to let me know what you think. I wanted to let you folks have a chance to check out the second half of the first draft. Just a little back story: Our main character has been framed for treason and left for dead in deep space. Page 15 picks up with his rescue and some foreshadowing as to who he is. Have at it below!

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