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Lots going on

March 16, 2011

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence as of late. I promised an update on the contest last week and I apologize that I did not deliver on that. It appears that Xenon didn’t make the top 100, unfortunately, but it was a great opportunity and got the character a lot of exposure. Thank you to everyone who voted!

In other news, I got a new job as a senior web designer for a corporation headquartered here in Greenville, and this is my second week on the job. So far so good, it’s just so quiet here! Other than that, the position offers a lot of creative license and I am getting to contribute input to marketing efforts and present ideas a lot, so I am definitely happy about that!

With the comic: Right now I am working with the Brotherhood of Comic Artists leader to get our site ready for launch. You’ll be hearing news of an official launch date soon, hopefully. In the meantime I will be getting Xenon and the BOCA website ready for your viewing pleasure. Have a great week folks!


Character Design

March 1, 2011

So I decided to take the Advanced Stealth Automaton (a.k.a. Ninjabot!) concept and find a place for him in the Xenon narrative. I took this piece and updated it with color and a poster layout. Have a look and let me know what you think in the comments. Also, keep a look out for the results of the Stan Lee Foundation’s contest. Tomorrow is the big day that we find out the results of the competition!

Character Design