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Crusader Line Art W.I.P

January 30, 2009
Action shot of the Crusader (© 2009 Devin Smith)

Action shot of the Crusader (© 2009 Devin Smith)

This is a “work in progress” snapshot of the line art you see in my blog header. I happened to look this thing over a million times after sending it to a friend, and found A LOT of errors in it. I started to fix some of those and began putting color to it tonight. The plan is to block in the colors with Illustrator and then do the heavy shading and any other visual effects in Photoshop.

By blocking the colors in with Illustrator, I am thinking (like a software developer) towards expandability. By working in vector art as long as I can, I guarantee that if this needs to go to a larger size, I can enlarge the artwork to any size without losing image quality. Once I go to Photoshop, that won’t be the case any more. I feel the Lord telling me to go to sleep so that I can actually do my job tomorrow, so peace out!


Entering the blogosphere

January 12, 2009

Hi everyone,

Welcome to “The Art of Devin”. This blog is about my artwork, my walk with Jesus, and how He’s always expressing his mastery of the Art of Devin.

Here you’ll find posts by me of artwork I’ve created, or of artwork I respect, including photography, illustration, and paintings. Especially look for posts of artwork for my upcoming comic book titled “Crusader”, I’ll be looking for feedback as the dream is realized. Also, be sure to check out my photography section for those interested in a highly talented, low-cost photographer. You may contact me at if you’d like to book me for an event.



P.S. Thanks Tony and the Art Lessons from God crew for inspiring me to start this blog!